Current News/Announcements

The congregation is invited to the spaghetti/salad supper after the Youth Program at 5:00 P.M this Sunday evening, 12/8. Please bring a dessert to share if you can.



Our Children’s Program was AMAZING!!! I would like to give a BIG thank you to Linda Green for all her wonderful help. Without her stepping in to help us, we would not have had a children’s Christmas Program. Thanks again, Mrs. Green.

Thank-you to David Hale, Chris Westbrook, Dery White, Debbie Skipper, Jennifer Cobb, and Pete Portera for your love and dedication for our children.  There would not be a Pioneer Club without each one of you.  THANK YOU!

The children would like to thank our Liberty family for all-of their love, support, and most of all your prayers this year. We are so blessed to be a part of such a loving and caring church. Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year.

There are still some dates open to volunteer to watch our children during this Advent Season. Please take time to go by and sign up. You will be blessed.

To all my children, you did an AWESOME job, and I am so proud of each one of you.


Jeyneil Deese

Gail Butler

Penny Kozee

Lamar & Jackie Huff 

Kenny & Gloria Combs

Lanny & JoAnne 

Tillman Cynthia Dees

Terrell & Linda 

Green Margaret Davis

Sharon Jackson 

W. A. Groover

JoAnn Stollenwerck 

H. B. & Doris Lanier


Reminders from Missions

  • A Season of Thanksgiving canned food collection (November-December)
  • Angel Star Tree – gifts due December 8th.