Weekly Bulletin

Contemporary Worship Service–8:45 A.M.

3rd Sunday in Lent– Color: Purple

March 15, 2020




Meet and Greet

Welcome and Announcements                                 Jennifer Puckett

Opening Prayer                                                            Adam Weiche

*Bringing God’s Light into the Sanctuary                          Acolytes

*Affirmation of Faith:  Apostle’s Creed                  Jennifer Puckett


Offertory Prayer                                                             Jack Osburn

Offertory                                                                       Praise Team

*Praise and Worship Time                                              Start a Fire


                                                                            If We Are the Body


Pastoral Prayer/Healing Service                     Rev. Wayne Anthony

*Hymn of Preparation                                             10,000 Reasons

*Scripture                     I Corinthians 1

Liturgical Dance    “The Power of the Cross”   Liturgical Dancers

Sermon                    “See Them Fall”             Rev. Wayne Anthony

Part 10: Songs of the Cross

*Altar/Song of Dedication                                             Red Letters

*Benediction/Dismissal                                 Rev. Wayne Anthony

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Traditional Worship Service –11:00 A.M.

3rd Sunday in Lent – Color: Purple

March 15, 2020




Prelude/Acolytes Enter                                                        Linda Green

Call to Worship                               When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Prayer for Service                                                             Adam Weiche

Welcome and Announcements                                      Jennifer Puckett

*Meet and Greet

*Hymn of Praise         Beneath the Cross of Jesus                     No. 297

*Affirmation of Faith                          No. 881             Jennifer Puckett

*Gloria Patri                                                                                 No. 70


Pastoral Prayer/Healing Service                            Rev. Wayne Anthony

Choral Prayer Response                                 Hear Our Prayer, O Lord

Offertory Prayer                                                                   Jack Osburn        Offertory                                                                                Laura Bell

*The Doxology


Choral Anthem           Lenten Meditation (Althouse)       Chancel Choir


*Scripture                   I Corinthians 1

Liturgical Dance   “The Power of the Cross”            Liturgical Dancers             Sermon                       “See Them Fall”                         Rev. Wayne Anthony

                                Part 10: Songs of the Cross        

*Hymn of Dedication             Freely, Freely                              No. 389

*Benediction Response                                                Because He Lives

* Postlude                                                                            Linda Green



WITNESS:  Wear a Cross!