Confirm Curriculum Overview

Unit 1: Our Journey
Week 1: Lesson 3 Loving Together
The confirmation journey is about being equipped with the information, tools and experiences you need to make an informed decision about committing to follow Christ.  The first step in that journey is helping you all understand the  Christian community.  Not only will we learn the ins and outs of the United Methodist community, but you will be given the opportunity to build meaningful and powerful relationships with one another, members of your family and members of your church family.  The first session of this journey is establishing the foundation for meaningful relationships between you all and your leaders.  We will explore the importance of belonging and participation in the Christian community and challenge you all to start practicing what it means to live in Christian community.  You will be connected with biblical understanding of belonging.  Each step of the way, you all will be challenged to think more deeply about your faith both personally and communally.
Unit 2: Our History
Week 2:  Lesson 8 Wesley and The Methodists
In order to truly understand our lives and beliefs we must understand the lives and beliefs of the people who came before us.  Our identity and faith is rooted in and shaped by the experiences of our spiritual ancestors traced back over the centuries.  This will help you consider where your faith comes from in hope that it will give you a better understanding of where it may be going.  You’ll be introduced to a long and diverse tradition that you’re already part of and encouraged to imagine how you might carry that tradition in the future.
Unit 3:  Our Life Together
Week 3: Lesson 16 A Loving Church
We will jump in with both feet into what makes the practice of United Methodism unique among other Protestant denominations.  We will explore everything from how our church is organized to how we worship together!  We will learn about the instrumental role our hymnal plays in preparing for worship, as well as what we believe about our practices of Holy Communion and baptism.  This unit will  provide an introduction to the United Methodist Social Principles, our guide to be being a United Methodist world.  We close with a reminder that our understanding of social issues is meaningless unless we also take action on what we believe together.  We will emerge from “Our Life Together” with not only a better understanding of our global church but also with a better understanding of what it means to be confirmed.
Unit 4:  Our Beliefs
Week 4: Lesson 19 Experiencing God
Believing in something is taking a step toward the unknown and having the humility to realize that mystery will always be present.  It is our human condition to want to know everything; but when we know something, there is no room left for belief, God wants us to believe.  The beauty of our relationship with our Creator is that we don’t know everything, yet we can trust God– we can trust God to be a part of our lives in ways that we do not understand.  And when we truly trust in God, we can then respond in ways that transform the world towards possibilities of God’s kingdom.  What we believe is important–both communally and individually.  The United Methodist Church has doctrine that states her institutional beliefs, but she also acknowledges that we are individuals with unique perspectives.  Belief is not about being “right” but rather about providing a structure to create a communal identity and a skeletal framework for individual belief.  As we take a journey with God, we discover how our church can form our beliefs but also how we individually process our understanding of God.
Unit 5:  Our Theology
Week 5:  Lesson 27 Hitting the Mark: Sin and Grace
What we believe as Christians, or our theology, are the foundational truths that empower us to understand the Christian faith with both our hearts and minds.  This holistic understanding of our theology empowers us to share the principals of our faith in meaningful, purposeful ways.  In this section, you will confirm what you  may already know about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and salvation, as well as uncover new ways of understanding Christian thoughts around sin and grace and the rich legacy that a life with Christ leaves for others to follow into eternity.
Unit 6: Our Faith and Calling
Week 6: Lesson 37 A Spirit to Find
Our faith and the living out of our faith, also known as our calling, are intricately linked.  James 2:17 says,”In the same way, faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity.”  When we live our faith, our calling is clarified and our relationship with God is strengthened.  As our encounters with God clarify who we are, our faith or calling without the other.  You will challenged to put together all you have been learning over the past sessions and articulate what you believe in your own words.  You will be pushed to take your faith and discipleship seriously through realistic examination of the United Methodist baptismal vows and the living out of those vows within the life of your congregation.  Ultimately, each of you will have to decide for yourself if being confirmed in the United Methodist Church is a path you are willing and able to take along the faith journey.