Unit 2/Week 2 Our History/Wesley & The Methodists

Lesson Description:  In this lesson, you will learn about John Wesley’s personal history and how it influenced him to start the Methodist movement.  You will also learn about how that movement grew, spread to the United States, and became a new denomination called the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Items Needed:

Step 1: 


  • The founder of the Methodist movement was John Wesley, an English priest in the 1700’s who focused a lot of his work on the ideas of holiness and God’s grace.  You will learn a little bit more about John Wesley’s story and what he believed.

Step 2: 


  • Watch Episode 6:  Wesley & The Methodists (Click on link below)
  • This week, you have been given a lot of information about how the Methodist movement began, about how it came to the United States, and about it eventually became a church independent from the Church of England.  But you might be asking yourself, why is this important?  Mr. Adam and I could tell you why it is important, but we would rather hear from you first.  Proceed to step 3.

Step 3: 


  • Complete pages 32-35.  Submit answers for questions on page 32 and 35 via email to Ms. Annette/Mr. Adam (aaweiche2605@gmail.com) within this next week.
  • Prayer (Please say out loud):
    • Dear Lord, Thank you for this opportunity to learn about the lives and beliefs of people who came before me so I can start to understand my life and beliefs.  Please help guide me and direct me through this conformation journey to increase my faith and identity in Christ alone.  AMEN!