Unit 3/Week 3: A Loving Church

Lesson Description: In this lesson, you will explore the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church.  The Social Principles are the expression of the UMC’s guidance for how we, the church, are to live in and engage our world with the love of God.  This is a deep dive into the way The United Methodist Church thinks and expresses itself.

Items Needed:

  • Bible
  • Pen/pencil
  • Handouts “A Loving Church/A Church Built on Love (Pages 64-67)”


Step 1: 

CONNECT (activity)

    • Think of household rule from your family that you find funny or unusual.  Now, write down some answers to the 3 questions below.  After you are done with your answers, you can email them to Mr. Adam/Ms. Annette (aaweiche2605@gmail.com) or take a picture of them and send a text message (478-973-0565).
      • Question #1- Why, do you think, do you have rules in your family?  In society?
      • Question #2- Have you ever helped come up with rules for your family or a group?  What was that like?
      • Question #3- What if we wanted our whole congregation to follow a rule- how do you think our church make its rules?

Step 2: 


  • Read below:
    • Trying to trap Jesus with his own words was a pretty common occurrence in the Gospels.  Religious leaders and experts were often trying to trick him into saying something that contradicted either his own words or, more important, Scripture.  That may have been happening in today’s story from the Bible.
      • Look  up Mark 12:28-34;read the scripture; then read below.
        • The expert in the Law may have been trying to trick Jesus into holding one part of the Law above the others. or he may honestly have just wondered what Jesus thought.  In any case, Jesus comes at it from a different angle.
        • The first part of his answer, “Israel, listen!  Our God is the one Lord, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength,” was from a precious Jewish prayer (found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9), one they kept posted on the door frames of their houses. Religious people even wore it strapped to their bodies.  Jesus was telling this expert in the law that if he would do that and love his neighbor as he loved himself, he would keep all pf the hundreds of laws contained in the Jewish scripture.
  • The United Methodist Church has gone to great effort to think through and write down what it believes about many social issues.  Down below, you will watch a video highlighting a little book called The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church.  It’s made up of what the UMC believes the faithful Christian response should be to a wide range of social issues that affect our culture.  Ina sense, this is our church’s answer to the realization that we struggle to always love our neighbor as we love ourselves.
    • Watch episode 16: A Loving Church (Click play button below)

Step 3: 


  • Complete pages 64-67.  Submit your  “Ideas to Try This Week, At Home (page 65)” & drawings/images/words (page 66) via email to Ms. Annette/Mr. Adam (aaweiche2605@gmail.com) within this next week or take a picture of your sheets and text to 478-973-0565.
    • Prayer: (Say out loud)  Lord, lead us from death to life, from untruth to truth. Lead us from pain to hope, from fear to trust. Let peace fill our hearts, our world and our universe. Let us dream together, pray together and work together,
      to build one world of peace and justice for all. Amen.